Vans and drivers

The traffic in Sri Lanka is very heavy and hectic.

All our vans are in very good condition and equipped with safety belts.

We also have a baby car seat for the little ones.

Private tour by car, van or mini-bus ... depending on the size of your group.


Sanjeewa has been involved in tourism since 2003. He also has the site guide licence for the Central Province. He was delivered a Tourist Drivers' Licence by the Tourist Drivers' Association in 2012.


Sri Lal is an experienced van driver with more than 10 years in the tourism trade.

Senaka has been involved in tourism since 2009. He is a very safe driver and he is very experienced.


Samare has been in tourism for 10 years. He is a very appreciated driver and he speaks English well.


Bandara has been driving travellers around Sri Lanka since 2009. He always wants to give the best service.


Saman is an experienced driver and has been in tourism since 2014.  People appreciate his kindness and availability.


Sumit, experienced driver, has been travelling around the country for the greatest pleasure of all his groups.